Friday, July 9, 2010

Always Learning

December ’09, I couldn’t believe it. So much has happened. Back and forth between programs, finally settling on Daz Studio 3 Advanced. My interest in Carrara 8 Pro has perked a little. What really amazes me is Vue. Wow the things I could possibly do with Vue. Landscapes are what I enjoy. I have tried the posing of human figures and I find it a release but making big giant landscapes, now that has my muse in all sorts of knots.

BUT all this started with learning how to make 3D worlds, in particular for Myst Online Uru Live which has now gone Open Sourceish. For which I see a return to, concentrating on the modelling side. But this time hopefully with a different attitude to my limitations and desires. Art but in a different form. As I consider Cyan Worlds work to be pure art in itself.

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