Monday, January 31, 2011

So little time to post

I must keep up with this blog, for at least myself. To see the changes I have gone through since getting into this 3D art rendering stuff. Changes in myself and my art.

If my non-inspiring art teacher could see me now....I would poke him in the eye for saying I had no talent for art. I suppose he was correct in the sense I cannot draw, paint or sculpt. But I know now I have a good eye.

So 7 months later I am still learning with DreamLight, signed up for another 18 months and 10 months of live training.

Still using Daz Studio mainly. Bryce 7 Pro occasionally and Carrara never. I did manage to get Vue 8 Frontier free with issue 139 of 3D World magazine two weeks ago. Since then I have been playing with it nonstop. This has spurred me on the get a new computer and Vue Complete. It is such an amazing program.

I have had some good fortune recently. I entered a contest over at and won 2nd Prize, the prize being Poser 8.

Won it with this image:

Now I will have to learn how to use Poser. That should be fun.

Plus I have won a few firsts and seconds with DreamLight’s in house monthly contest. So yeah I am happy with my progress. I even managed to get a third on Daz3D’s Platinum Club Gallery last year. That pleased me no end as it marked a turning point with my art. The competition is fierce I can tell you.

I use the contests as a motivational tool, it pushes me to better what I produce. I don’t do it for the prizes, though it helps with getting more content or plug-ins.

It is a lot of hard work and a flattened bum but for me it is worth it. I feel so much better in myself. Home life has calmed since I am mellower. Not so pent up and depressed about being a crip disabled. Through art I have gained some self esteem back and it is growing each day.